Convoy Accelerated Renewal via Business Rebuilding
New Structure and Team Established to Foster Strong Growth

(12 January 2018, Hong Kong) Convoy Global Holdings Limited (“Convoy” or the “Company”, Stock Code: 1019) accelerated the pace of corporate renewal by announcing a new corporate structure and a new management team. This move was aimed at enhancing management effectiveness to foster strong growth for the Company.


Ng Wing Fai, Group President, said, “It is time we move on together to make our Company proud again. Learning from our past lessons, we will regroup and retool ourselves to be more focused, more efficient and ever more professional to drive our business world-class. We have now put in place a new corporate structure and a new management team that will restart and tune all our engines for growth.”


After reviewing with management consultants, the Company affirmed to refocus onto three key growth business streams, namely, financial advisory, products manufacturing and FinTech. Each stream will be better coordinated by streamlining command, enhancing leadership and boosting greater responsibility.


The growth business streams will be overseen and directed by the Company’s new nine-member Group Management Team (“GMT”), which will be responsible for the management of the whole company. Its members come from areas of finance, people and culture, business development, financial control, research and development, as well as legal and compliance.


Mr Ng said, “The new corporate structure will get us spot on the businesses in which we are great at. The simplified and integrated corporate structure now puts us right to tip a good balance between sound corporate management and responsive business development. We shall recruit more frontline financial advisors and specialty professionals to drive our growth.”


Henry Shin, the CEO of Convoy Financial Services Limited, will lead the financial advisory growth business stream and was appointed as a GMT member. He said, “We are going to have an exciting and rewarding 2018, as we are loaded with plans for development of financial advisory services. As the Company has already committed abundant resources for our business rebuilding, we will not wait rolling the plans out once decisions are made.”


Almond Wong, Chief Human Resources Officer, was named Group Chief People and Culture Officer and also appointed to join the GMT. She said, “We embrace the Company’s renewal. Rebuilding our operations also includes instilling a new spirit within our team. We shall stress on our colleagues’ discipline for professionalism and drive for caring people. Last but not least, we shall also appreciate our colleagues’ dedicated contribution. We want our colleagues to unleash their full-fledged potential and develop their career here.”


Besides, the Company announced that Daniel Chong, currently Group CEO of Convoy Financial Group, will retire after his employment term ends in May this year. The Company thanked Mr. Chong for his significant contribution and expressed gratitude for his services in the past years.


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