Corporate Social Responsibilities


Support WWF “Earth Hour”


Being committed to corporate social responsibility, Convoy pledged to support Earth Hour 2020 organized by WWF. The lights of all Hong Kong offices, including Convoy's new office in Wan Chai and its LED exterior, were switched off for an hour. 

Promoting Fair Trade


Convoy promoted healthy living, fair trade and social justice among colleagues by giving out fair trade snacks at the office.

Blood Donation Day


Convoy and Hong Kong Red Cross co-organised a two-day Blood Donation drive, which was enthusiastically supported by more than 100 Convoy colleagues.

Mid-Autumn Elderly Visit


The Convoy management team, accompanied by 120 Convoy volunteers, joined hands with Saint James' Settlement to visit the elderly community. In addition to giving gifts, the volunteers helped to assess the elderly residents’ living environment and health condition for follow up by social workers.

“Bring Our Kids To Work Day”


Convoy demonstrated its family-friendly culture by organising a "Bring Our Kids To Work Day" to encourage colleagues to bring their kids to the office. Convoy interns played the role of ‘buddy’ and participated in specially organised art and craft workshops together with the visiting children.

Support "Say Yes to Breastfeeding"


Putting the family-friendly policy into action, Convoy joined the "Say Yes to Breastfeeding" Campaign initiated by Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF by setting up and further upgrading breastfeeding facilities to ensure the best care for its working-mother employees.

Convoy Totem Run


Convoy lent its full support to Totem Run, organised around the theme of "Run to Transform, Run with Green and Run for Charity". More than 100 colleagues took part in the race or served as volunteers to raise funds for Youth.ROC and Blind Sports Hong Kong.

Mid-Autumn Elderly Visit


Convoy Volunteer Team visited more than 100 elderly residents living on their own in three public housing estates, showing care and spreading love by distributing small gifts.

Blood Donation Day


Convoy joined hands with Hong Kong Red Cross to organise a two-day Blood Donation drive, which was enthusiastically supported by more than 100 Convoy colleagues.

Support Hong Kong Dog Rescue


Convoy Volunteer Team visited Hong Kong Dog Rescue, showing love to abandoned dogs by taking them on walks and promoting the message of ‘adopt, don’t shop’.

 “Empower the Minorities, Build a Dream”


Convoy organised the “Empower the Minorities, Build a Dream” campaign for the second year in a row. Convoy colleagues volunteered to discuss their study and career paths with 50 students from CMA Choi Cheung Kok Secondary School.

Mid-Autumn Elderly Visit


100 Convoy Volunteers visited elderly residents living on their own in Wong Tai Sin, distributing presents and spreading love and cheer over the festive season.

“Empower the Minorities, Build a Dream” Campaign - 2nd Stage Career Sharing Programme


Convoy collaborated with Hong Kong Unison and Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo) to organise the 2nd Stage of their “Empower the Minorities, Build a Dream” campaign. 15 Convoy representatives from the frontline and back office volunteered to talk about their career paths with 120 ethnic minority secondary students.

“Empower the Minorities, Build a Dream” Campaign - 1st Stage Company Orientation Programme


Convoy partnered with Hong Kong Unison to launch “Empower the Minorities, Build a Dream”, an inaugural career development campaign. As part of the Programme’s 1st Stage, 20 Secondary Five ethnic minority students of Delia Memorial School were invited to visit Convoy’s head office.

Green Monday x Food Angel


Group and Green Monday’s collaboration, “Eat & Run for Green”, was tremendously successful, with the Convoy Volunteer Team preparing 1,200 lunch boxes at Food Angel for people in need.

Financial Planning Education 


Convoy Life Investment Centre organised financial planning classes to instil good savings habits in children from Principal Chan Free Tutorial Centre using interesting games

Guangxi Volunteering Tour


Convoy’s Guangxi Volunteering Tour entered its fourth year. As part of the Tour, Convoy volunteers made home visits in groups and accompanied primary students on visits to their families living in village homes.

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