Both Mandatory Provident Fund and Provident Fund provide basic retirement protection for working people, helping them to set up retirement plans, and save money for the future.


The MPF system requires that employers and employees put 5% or more of the relevant employee's income as contributions to the MPF trustees each month according to the minimum and maximum income levels. For self-employed people, a minimum of 5% of income as a mandatory contribution is also required.


The minimum level of relevant income for MPF contributions is HK$7,100 per month. For employees earning more than HK$30,000 per month, the mandatory contributions for employers and employees are capped at HK$1,500.


Employers, employees and self-employed people may choose to make additional voluntary contributions in addition to the mandatory contributions. For example, the tax-deductible MPF contributions can be deferred to qualifying annuities for a total deduction of HK$60,000.


Provident fund schemes can be unilaterally contributed only from employers, or from both employers and employees. The investment portfolio is entirely up to the employer.

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  • 1 As a member, how should I choose my MPF scheme?

  • We suggest considering a basket of factors rather than focusing on one or two. You should evaluate the choices of funds, past investment performance, the provider’s services and fees, etc.
  • Low Fee
    Switching Restriction
    Past Performance
  • 2 Which MPF scheme is suitable for my company?

  • As a responsible employer, you should choose a scheme with a range of fund choices that would suit the risk profiles of your employees.
  • Mid
  • 3 Is the fund with the lowest fee the best choice?

  • MPF is an investment product. Similar to other investment products, the most important considerations are risk and performance. The performance figures of most MPF constituent funds are already netted. The fee only matters when two funds record exactly the same performance and risk.

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