Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) is the base of your retirement protection.

MPF Consultancy

Single Platform to access multiple MPF Products

We provide a single platform for you to access multiple MPF Products from different providers, and have throughout understanding about pros and cons of different MPF schemes.

Why Choose Convoy?

  • We provide professional advice on how to choose the most suitable MPF products
  • Fund selection and performance review to safeguard members’ retirement income
  • Quotation services on multiple providers
  • Time Saving and Efficient

Services from Providers

Employer Support

  • Interactive Voice Response System
  • Check account balance and allocation summary online
  • Member administrative service

Member Support

  • Interactive Voice Response System
  • Check fund price, account balance and fund switching online
  • Member statement
  • Seminars

Value-Added Services

Our professional Wealth Management Advisors help you on Portfolio set-up and long-term follow-up, and provide you One-stop financial advice, from group life, group medical to commercial insurance. We will act as facilitator between trustees and you. With strong support from Convoy Investment Research Department, we provide you swift market updates.

Latest MPF Analysis