International Properties

To source properties with potential investment values in different regions

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International Properties

Want to emigrate overseas? Want to study abroad? Looking for better investment choices? Why not invest your capital in international properties? With its ample experience in international property administration, Convoy International Property sources the properties with high potential investment value in different regions and for clients based on their investment needs and targets.

One-stop Services
- Lease Administration
- Tax Consultation
- Legal Consultation
- Overseas Mortgage Consultation
Multiple Business Partners
- Business Partners Around the World
- Property Choices Over the Globe
Variety of International Properties
- First and Second Hand Properties
- Residential
- Golf courses/ hotels/ resorts, etc.
Income & Expenses Analysis
- With in-depth income and expenses analysis

Why Convoy?

Our professional team excels at understanding the clients’ needs and assisting them in building the most profitable portfolios. With our business partners across the world, we can provide our clients with local lease management, tax filing and legal consultation so that they can enjoy the returns on their investments in comfort without leaving home.