Corporate Finance

Offer a wide range of corporate finance services to clients

Our Team

When you work with Convoy Capital, you work with a team of professionals who draw on specialized expertise to assist you achieve results.

We represent a broad range of corporate finance experience, ranging from:

  • Identifying the fund source
  • Facilitating due diligence
  • Evaluating the current market situation
  • Contract negotiations
  • Organizational planning
  • Capital restructuring
  • Company valuation
  • Listing rules compliance etc.

Our Service

We offer a wide range of corporate finance services to clients. Our scope of services includes:
  • Sponsoring IPO
  • Advising on corporate finance transactions such as financial strategies in the context of mergers and acquisitions and takeovers
  • Advising on listing rules and takeovers code compliance
  • Equity and/ or debt fund raising exercises and financing