Discretionary Portfolio Management Services

A unique service provided by Convoy Asset Management


Allow you to entrust management of your assets within the relevant Investment Linked Assurance Schemes or nominee account to us and enjoy access to a diverse and innovative array of investment formulas.

Managed by portfolio managers and investment teams with extensive knowledge, skills, experience and resources
Quick Response
Having full discretion means we can respond quickly to risks and opportunities in the markets
Risk Management
Your Portfolio will be strategically diversified and managed by a structured investment process
Security and Consistency
Letting our specialists manage your assets save your valuable time.

Who Need DPMS?

You can simply select your targeted return, risk level and pay an annual service fee, you will be able to sit back and focus on your own businesses.

Further information on discretionary service:

Why Convoy?

Adopting a proven investment approach and fund selection system, our portfolio managers make sure the investments of clients are strategically diversified across asset classes, geographic regions and industry sectors.