Personal Information Collection Statement

Convoy can collect, use and transfer personal information for any and all of the following purposes:

  • processing your application;
  • provision of insurance, Mandatory Provident Fund, financial services/ financial product or related products,
  • handling of any checking procedure related to your application and related claims;
  • facilitating payment arrangements or instructions;
  • verifying your eligibility for insurance, mandatory provident fund, and/or financial products and services;
  • compilation of statistics and research analysis;
  • providing you with marketing materials relating to insurance or financial services or related wealth management products, and/or Mandatory Provident Fund related product concerning Convoy, any entities within the Convoy Group or partnering financial institutions (collectively referred as the "Related Parties");
  • communication with customers and prospective customers of Convoy or any members of Convoy Group or Related Parties;
  • performing Policy review and needs analysis and/or MPF suitability assessment;
  • meeting any disclosure requirements imposed by law regulatory guidelines or regulatory authorities on Convoy, its affiliates or its partnering financial institutions;
  • any other purposes as notified to you at the time of collection; and
  • in respect of Financial Product/Services and/or Mandatory Provident Fund or Retirement Schemes, the personal data provided by participating Employers and/or Members and details of transactions or dealings by such Participating Employers and/or Members may be used for the administration, communication and/or in connection with contributions or accrued benefits or MPF account in respect of the Participating Employers and/or Members under the MPF scheme;
  • conduct marketing and/or direct marketing activities of financial product and/or services, and/or MPF products relating to us and/or Related Parties, subject to applicable laws;
  • improving and furthering the provision of services by entities of Convoy Group, subject to applicable laws;
  • matching with other personal data concerning you and/or the relevant Participating Employers and/or Members for Financial Planning and/or MPF related purposes;
  • fulfilling any other purposes relations to the above mentioned purposes.

Your personal data may be transferred and disclosed to any of the following entities for the purposes mentioned herein, subject to applicable laws:

  • any affiliate of Convoy;
  • any member of Convoy Group (inside or outside Hong Kong);
  • any association or professional bodies in respect of the type of business carried on by Convoy;
  • any intermediary, business partners, Related Parties and/or other service provider rendering services to Convoy in connection with the operation of Convoy's business;
  • any third party with which you have or propose to have dealings;
  • any government bodies or regulatory authorities
  • any insurance claim investigators;
  • third party administrators;
  • professional advisors;
  • any agents, affiliates, consultants or third party service providers who provides administrative, telecommunications, computer, payment, printing, redemption or other services in relation to the operation of the business of Convoy;
  • any persons and corporate entities to whom Convoy is obliged to disclose under the requirement of any law relating to Convoy or of its affiliates or business partners;
  • any other parties as notified to you at the time of collection; and
  • Your personal data may be transferrable and disclosed to any of the above individuals or organizations whether inside or outside Hong Kong.

If you do not provide us the requested information, we may not be able to process your application or perform the requested services.

Convoy may transfer your name, contact information and information about the products you have purchased or services you have subscribed (included name of consultant from which such products or services were purchased or subscribed ) to other companies within Convoy Group, and other partnering financial institutions, for the purpose of providing you with marketing materials and/or services relating to those entities' insurance, mandatory provident fund, financial services or financial products or related wealth management products. However, Convoy will not disclose your personal information to any other third parties for direct marketing purposes without your consent. If you do not wish your data to be used for direct marketing purpose in the future, you may inform Convoy at Facsimile No. (852) 83430334 or write to us at 39/F., @Convoy, 169 Electric Road, North Point, Hong Kong.

Subject to all relevant laws and the terms herein, in respect of Direct Marketing (as defined in "Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance" and/or any amendments thereof), the following provisions apply:

  • Convoy intends to use and/or transfer your personal data to members of the Group, its business partners, Related Parties, and affiliates for Directing Marketing purposes pursuant to the terms herein for gain to pursue business cooperation or opportunities concerning financial, insurance, mandatory provident and related wealth management products or services;
  • Convoy may offer insurance, financial planning services, mandatory provident fund products/services, financial products and/or financial services (through itself, its affiliates, service providers and/or agents), subject to all relevant laws;
  • Convoy will not use your personal data for direct marketing purposes unless we have received your consent (which includes an indication of no objection);
  • We may use any of the following personal data for marketing financial, insurance, mandatory provident and related wealth management products or services offered by Convoy or its business partners:
    • your name, your residential address, your mobile number, your residential phone number and your email address
    • your personal data will be used for marketing and direct marketing of any of our/the Group's products or services via all means of transmission.

You may inform Convoy if you wish to opt-out of our use of your personal data for any of the Direct Marketing purposes or if you wish to opt-out of any kind or means of transmission regarding Direct Marketing.

In accordance with the terms of the said Ordinance, Convoy has the right to charge a reasonable fee for the processing of any data access request.

Convoy may amend the Privacy Policy from time to time and the most recent version of the Privacy Policy shall govern.

Privacy Policy Statement

Convoy Financial Group together with its subsidiaries (collectively referred to as the "Group"), is committed to protecting your privacy on the internet. We believe that it is important for you to know what we do with your personal information. When it comes to consumer data collected electronically, the Group will provide notice, choice, access and security in ways described below. In general, you, as our customer, con visit the Group on the World Wide Web without having to reveal any personal information that you do not want to disclose.

Our web servers collect domain names and not the e-mail address. This information may be aggregated on a "no name" basis just to measure the number of visits, average time spent on the site, or pages viewed. Our web servers also seek (as many Web sites do) to place a "cookie" (a small data files) on your computer's hard drive which allows the server to recognize the computer when it visits again. This helps track statistical information about navigation through our site. This cookie is not used to obtain your name or any personal data, and the information that is tracked is used only for internal purposes, such as to improve site navigation. The Group uses these data to measure the usage of, and improve the content of our sites.

In an effort to make your visit both efficient and safe, all transfers of personal information via this site meet Convoy Financial Group rigorous Internet security standards.

Occasionally, our site may contain electronic links to other sites. In case you choose to go to those sites, their own privacy policy and privacy preferences will apply. If you feel that the Group's Web sites are not abiding by its posted privacy policy, contact the Webmaster or send your concerns to the Convoy Financial Group, 39/F, @CONVOY, 169 Electric Road, North Point, Hong Kong