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Please answer the following questions and choose the answer which is closest to your own view in each question in order to help you assess your attitude towards risk and investment resources and objectives before your selecting financial / investment products.

Your investment experience

1.How would you describe your investment experience?
2.How would you describe your expected future income over the next [5] years?
3.What is the percentage of your wealth spent on investments,encluding self-occupied property bank, savings and fixed deposit?
4.What is your investment horizon ? when will you want to use your invested money?
5.Would you invest in a financial product based solely on a brief conversation with friends, relatives or co-workers or opinion provided by media?
6.Would you always seek for investment advices from professionals?
7.Which of the followings is the closest to your investment character?
8.When you invest, which of the following factors would you use to measure performance against?
9.which of the following scenarios would best describe your response to fluctuations in your investment?
10.If you have the opportunity to increase potential return by taking more risks, are you?
11.What is the percentage of time during your investment period that you can tolerate unrealised capital loss?
12.How often do you review the value of your investment?

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