Corporate Social Responsibilities

We care the city we live in

Since the establishment of Convoy, we have been striving to fulfil our corporate social responsibility in various charity and community activities.  In recognition to our contributions to the community, we have been presented with the honour of  "Caring Company Award"  by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service for 15 years in a row.
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April 2017

Convoy Social Fund collaborated with Hong Kong Unison and Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo) in organizing the 2nd stage of their “Empower the Minorities” campaign on 20 and 27 Apr. 15 Convoy representatives from frontline and back office volunteered to do a sharing on their career paths to 120 secondary students.

March 2017

Convoy Social Fund collaborated with Hong Kong Unison in having their first career development campaign – “Empower the Minorities, Build a Dream” for the Secondary 5 students of Delia Memorial School. The first stage has been completed on 16 Mar, with 20 students visiting @CONVOY.

The Group and Green Monday’s collaboration of “Eat & Run for Green” has finally come to an end, with Convoy Volunteer Team preparing 1,200 lunch boxes at Food Angel for the people in need.

Convoy Life Investment Centre held their first financial planning education class of 2017 on 5 Mar, teaching the children from Principal Chan Free Tutorial Centre the correct financial planning concepts.

February 2017

20 Convoy volunteers visited Stages 6 and 7 on 28 Feb, clearing large garbage including unwanted washing machine.

January 2017

On 30 Jan, to support Stone Tsang in completing the Hong Kong Four Trails Ultra Challenge, Convoy Social Fund has donated $80,000 so that 200 children from low income families could join sports training programmes.

On 22 Jan, 60 volunteers visited the elderly at Shatin Lek Yuen Estate, bringing Lunar New Year food and daily necessities to them.

On 21 Jan, Convoy Life Investment Centre held a neighbourhood wholesales day for Sham Shui Po residents, selling cheap groceries and providing free medical checkups as well as giving out 200 free snake porridges.

On 12 Jan, Convoy Runner held a charity movie night for Gary and Jennifer, who challenged in the Antarctic 100km Ultramarathon to raise funds for the Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong.

Convoy Guangxi Volunteering Tour has come to the 4th year. This year, Convoy volunteers paid home visits with the primary students.


December 2016

On 4 Dec, over 30 Convoy staff and management participated in the Po Leung Kuk Charity Run 2016, raising funds for Po Leung Kuk and their youth service.

Convoy collaborated with Green Monday in the “Eat & Run For Green” campaign, donating over 70,000 vegetarian lunch boxes at the end.

November 2016

On 29 Nov, committee members of Convoy Volunteer Team visited Yuen Kong Kindergarten and played games with over 20 pupils.

On 26 Nov, 24 Convoy volunteers cleared the rubbish along MacLehose Trail Stage 5. At the end, they cleared over 56 pounds of rubbish in 2.5 hours.

October 2016

On 8 Oct, around 100 Convoy staff set up booths at Convoy Totem Run 2016, cheering for runners and spreading messages of social inclusion, as well as raising funds for Sports Legacy Scheme.

September 2016

On 18 Sep, Convoy Life Investment Centre cooperated with The Hub in organizing the 2nd financial planning fun day, teaching financial concepts to children through games.

On 10 Sep, Convoy Volunteer Team organized a large scale Mid-Autumn visit, recruiting 300 volunteers to visit the elderly at Shatin, Wong Tai Sin and Sai Wan on the same day.

On 1 Sep, Convoy Volunteer Team completed the meal box packing service at Food Angel.

August 2016

On 20 Aug, Convoy Volunteer Team had a crossover event with Convoy Runner, cleaning the Deep Water Bay beach together.

On 13 Aug, Convoy volunteers visited the elderly in Shau Kei Wan, chatting with them and giving them gift bags.

On 6 Aug, Convoy Volunteer Team visited Tai Po to organize a fun day for hospitalized children.

July 2016

On 23 July, through discreetly designed interactive games at the Convoy Life Investment Centre, Convoy Volunteer Team taught correct financial concepts to the primary students from grassroots families in Sham Shui Po.

On 16 July, 22 Convoy volunteers played games with residents of the PLK Jubilee Sheltered Workshop during their visit.

June 2016

On the next day, Convoy volunteers visited the Lovewide Rehabilitation Centre, wrapping dumplings with the residents there and giving out gift bags.

On 5 June, Convoy Volunteer Team collaborated with A Drop of Life in giving out gift bags packed by the volunteers themselves, sending Dragon Boat greetings to the elderly.

May 2016

On the eve of Dragon Boat Festival, Convoy volunteers paid a visit to the elderly at Ma On Shan district, helping them clear their flats.

41 Convoy volunteers joined the Walk for Water, completing a 4km walk while carrying 4.5L water on their backs, raising funds for A Drop of Life to improve the life of rural peasants.

April 2016

25 Convoy volunteers cleared the exotic plants at Mai Po on 30 Apr to protect the balance of ecosystem there.

20 Convoy staff participated in 3km and 10km races of Fearless Dragon Run, showing support to social inclusion.

Convoy Volunteer Team visited the PLK Jubilee Sheltered Workshop, spending the day playing games with the residents.

March 2016

20 volunteers from the Convoy Volunteer Team joined the New Territories Walk on 13 Mar, which the whole walk started at Tai Po, lasting for 1.5 hours.

February 2016

Convoy sent out two teams to participate in the Green Power Hike on 30 Jan, taking real action to support green hiking and environmental protection. At the end, the teams garnered the Champion of both 50km and 25km of the ICP Cup.

January 2016

Convoy Volunteer Team supported the Guide Dog Charity Walk on 24 Jan in Tai Mei Tuk under 3 degrees Celsius, distributing gift bags to participants and helping on crowd control.

Despite the freezing weather of 8 degrees Celsius, Convoy Volunteer Team summoned about 70 volunteers to visit the elderly at Tsui Ping Estate in Kwun Tong, sending early Chinese New Year greetings and warmth.


December 2015

20 Convoy Volunteers went to Shing Mun Country Park to pick up rubbish and ended up collecting 150lbs rubbish on 6 Dec, advocating the idea of “trackless hiking”.

November 2015

Guangxi Student Sponsorship Tour 2015 brought music to the Guangxi villages for the very first time, by giving out Ukuleles to the local primary school students for free and teaching them to play a song.

October 2015

Convoy sponsored 4 non-government teams to join the 2nd Fair Trade Charity Football Match, in order to raise public attention for child labour and fair trade through football matches.

Over 100 Convoy Volunteers cheered and supported runners at Lead Mine Pass during the Totem Run, spreading the message of social inclusion at the same time.

As the supporting organization of Oxfam’s “Home for Dinner”, the Group allowed Convoyees to leave work earlier for home on 9 Oct so as to dine with family members. Quincy Wong, Group Chairman, was invited to cook during Press Conference, advocating the idea of dining at home more frequently in exchange for quality time spent with family members.

Henry Shin, our Group Chief Distribution Officer joined fellow Convoy volunteers to a Food Angel service. They produced healthy and carbon reductive vegetarian meal boxes.

September 2015

Over 150 Convoy volunteers visited the elderly in the South Kowloon District on an early weekend morning in September. Many of them were parents bringing their children to experience the festive warmth for the less attended in the commumity.

Do you know that there are many dog lovers in Convoy? 14 of them showed their love for these fluffy friends of humans by taking the abandoned ones on walks.

June 2015

On 23 June, Convoy Volunteer Team seized the Dragon Boat Festival to spread festive blessings to the elderly living alone through the preparation of healthy hot meal boxes.

On 13 June, Convoy Volunteer Team joined Lok Sin Tong in visiting the elderly during Dragon Boat Festival, bringing them festive joy and laughter.

On the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, Convoy Volunteer Team joined Sheng Kung Hui in visiting the elderly people living alone in different districts. Handmade gift bags were given to them.

On 8 June, Convoy Volunteer Team visited Food Angel in Sham Shui Po to help with the preparation of meal boxes for the elderly living alone with disabilities.

May 2015

On 22 May, Convoy Volunteer Team revisited the Central Kitchen of Food Angel to prepare hot meal boxes. 1260 meal boxes were made and distributed among the poor and the elderly in Sham Shui Po.

Convoy Volunteer Team conducted clearing of exotic plants to maintain the eco-system in Mai Po.

April 2015

Convoy Volunteer Team prepared nutritious hot meals in Food Angel's central kitchen. The meal boxes will be redistributed to serve the underprivileged communities in Hong Kong.

March 2015

On 28 March, Convoy supported the "Earth Hour 2015" event held by World Wide Fund for Nature ("WWF"). At the same time, the Group has also invited 40 staff to participate in WWF's first charity running event – "Run for Change." Mr. Mark Mak, Group CEO was invited to attend the launching ceremony of the race. Finally, one of the Convoy's teams competed the race and carried off the 2nd runner up in the corporate group.

On 22 March, about 100 Convoyees took part in "Race for Water for the purpose of raising public awareness of water-saving and water resources conservation. Meanwhile, around 40 Convoy volunteers worked as helpers at finish point in support of this charity event.

February 2015

On 8 February, Convoy Volunteer Team supported Runourcity and being the cheering team at the start line of Hong Kong "Streetathon@Kowloon East 2015".

On 7 February, Convoy Volunteer Team paid a visit to hundreds of elderly and distributed blessing bags before CNY in collaboration with A Drop of Life.

Two teams of Convoy participated in Green Power Hike 2015, so as to raise funds for the environmental education programs of Green Power.

January 2015

On 31 January, Convoy Volunteer Team re-visited the abandoned ex-pets at the Taipo Homing Centre of Hong Kong Dog Rescue.


November 2014

Around 20 Convoy Volunteers went to the Po Leung Kuk Wing Lung Bank Golden Jubilee Sheltered Workshop, visited the mild and moderate intellectual disabled and had an enjoyable afternoon.

43 Convoyees joined Oxfam Trailwalker 2014 while Chairman Mr. Quincy Wong teamed up with Zheng Sheng Students and formed “Convoy x Zheng Sheng Team” to participate in the Challenge.

October 2014

Convoy Volunteer Team visited students of local schools in a remote village in Cangwu Prefecture, Guangxi Province.

Convoy Volunteer Team visited the Taipo Homing Centre of Hong Kong Dog Rescue and learnt about the situation of abandoned ex-pets.

Convoy Volunteer Team worked at the support stations of "CONVOY TOTEM RUN 2014" to cheer for the Totem "wild runners" and Christian Zheng Sheng College.

September 2014

Convoy gave full support to "Let's Green Monday – Green Challenge". Recently, 30 volunteers from the Convoy Volunteer Team help packed the green blessing bags and 50 volunteers paid a visit to Kwai Chung Elderly Mutual Help Committee and Kwai Chung Estate and distributed the green blessing bags to elderly.

Convoy Volunteer Team paid a visit to Zheng Sheng College in support of TOTEM RUN fund raising event.

August 2014

On 30 August, 130 Convoy Volunteers visited 120 elderly living alone at Lei Cheng Uk Estate and sent their blessings to the elderly and enjoyed a happy day spreading the joy of the festival.

June 2014

Convoy Volunteer Team collected sportswear from Convoyees and donate to Zheng Sheng students in hopes of encouraging the students to develop positive attitude towards lives.