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20 Mar 2018
Convoy Announced Senior Appointments to Empower the Core Business
01 Mar 2018
The Convoy MPF Index decreased by 2.97% in February
after experiencing an uptrend this year due to the volatile global stock market
20 Feb 2018
Press Release - Feb 20, 2018 (Chinese Version Only)
14 Feb 2018
Press Release - Feb 14, 2018 (Chinese Version Only)
01 Feb 2018
Convoy MPF Composite Index reported a success
Employees earned $10,654 in the first month of 2018
22 Jan 2018
Company Update (Chinese Version Only)
12 Jan 2018
Convoy Accelerated Renewal via Business Rebuilding
New Structure and Team Established to Foster Strong Growth
03 Jan 2018
Convoy MPF Composite Index recorded the largest increase since 2009 with a year-on-year increase of over 20%
Benefiting from the prosperous stock market, employees earned $36,673 in 2017
29 Dec 2017
Extraordinary General Meeting (Chinese Version Only)
27 Dec 2017
Convoy Initiates Legal Action to Recover Loss from Wrongful Passing Off
26 Dec 2017
Convoy Announced Stock Option Scheme to Retain Staff and Recognize Contribution
19 Dec 2017
Convoy Initiates Legal Action to Recover any Improperly Diverted Funds
18 Dec 2017
Convoy Runner Creates A New Guinness Record
Having Most People Running 1 Mile in A 12 Hour Relay
Encouraging Youngsters to Face Challenges of Life Positively
17 Dec 2017
Resuming Normal Operation
Ready to Set Sail Again
10 Dec 2017
Convoy Undertakes Fundamental Reform in Corporate Governance
07 Dec 2017
Apply for Voluntary Trading Halt
Assist Investigation of the Enforcement Authority
04 Dec 2017
Convoy Asset Management organized the "Investment in China after The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China" seminar
Analyzing the investment opportunities of post-seminar China (Chinese Version Only)
29 Nov 2017
Convoy MPF Composite Index posted new record with a cumulative increase of over 20% this year
Employees earned $35,102 January-to-date
13 Nov 2017
HKU Survey: 80% of Hong Kong Respondents Did Not Choose DIS
Convoy’s Advice: Beware of Potential Risk and Diversify Investment into Global and Emerging Markets
30 Oct 2017
Convoy MPF Index posted new records to around 20% growth in 2017
Employees earned $30,442 from January-to-date
19 Oct 2017
Convoy International Property Introduced "Property Doctor" Service
Solves Problems of Overseas Property Buyers (Chinese Version Only)
16 Oct 2017
Convoy introduced “Model Office” to attract financial advisory talents and launched a $100-million recruitment programme to double Wealth Man-agement Services manpower to 3,000 people
08 Oct 2017
Convoy Totem Run Upholds the Idea of Green Trail Running
Donation to Support Youth.ROC & The Green Earth
02 Oct 2017
Equity funds give positive cumulative growth
Convoy MPF Composite Index posted best record Employees earned $27,290 January-to-date
26 Sep 2017
Convoy Makes Efforts to Spread Festive Warmth
Encourages All Staff to Be Volunteers (Chinese Version Only)
22 Sep 2017
Convoy-owned UK Fintech Company, Nutmeg, introduces their latest development to Chief Executive Carrie Lam
29 Aug 2017
Convoy MPF Composite Index continued to post best record
Employees earned $26,153 January-to-date
14 Aug 2017
Convoy "Bring Your Kids to Work Day" Is Back
Giving Children a Taste of Work Experience, Increasing Sence of Belonging of Staff (Chinese Version Only)
27 Jul 2017
Convoy MPF Index reported best record
Employees earned $23,677 January-to-date
12 Jul 2017
Convoy Organizes Summer Training Programme for Uni Students
Nurturing Young Talents for the Finance Industry (Chinese Version Only)
10 Jul 2017
Convoy International Property Sells Affinity Living Riverview in Manchester
Developer Guarantees 6% Return and Waives Management Fee for First 5 Years (Chinese Version Only)
03 Jul 2017
Convoy Provides Job Training to EM Students
Helping Students Decide their Career Paths (Chinese Version Only)
29 Jun 2017
Convoy MPF Index increased over 10% in first half of the year A second highest half-year increase record
Employees earned $18,502 from January-to-date
05 Jun 2017
Convoy MPF Composite Index reported 20 months’ best record
The cumulative increase is over 10% this year Employees earned $17,127 from January to date
31 May 2017
HKU Survey: Hong Kong people Expect Public Annuity Return 5-6%
Convoy’s Advice: Save Early to Effectively Use the Public Annuity for Retirement
23 May 2017
Convoy Launches Brand New TV Commercial
Daniel Chong Looks into the Strange Phenomenon of People in Investment (Chinese Version Only)
07 May 2017
Convoy Social Fund Organizes School Sharing for Ethnic Minority Students
Exploring Different Careers and Encouraging Career Diversity (Chinese Version Only)
04 May 2017
Convoy MPF Composite Index reported 18 months’ best record
Employees earned $12,978 from January-to-date
20 Apr 2017
Overseas Property Survey: Hong Kong people love properties in England and Australia Willing to spend less than HK$2 million to purchase homes
Convoy International Property: US Dollar continues to be strong Hong Kong people are expected to purchase homes overseas easily
10 Apr 2017
Convoy Partners with Target Insurance
Announcing the New General Insurance Products - Home, Travel and SME Insurance Scheme (Chinese Version Only)
06 Apr 2017
Convoy MPF Composite Index reported 204.83 and broke 18 months’ best record
Employees earned $10,596 in the first quarter benefiting from the good performance of the stock markets
16 Mar 2017
Convoy Organizes Career Planning Programme for Ethnic Minority Students
Encouraging Ethnic Inclusion in Community (Chinese Version Only)
03 Mar 2017
Convoy MPF Composite Index reported a 2-month consecutive increase of 5.24% and recorded 18 months’ best record to 201.98
Employees earned $8,692 within the first two months
16 Feb 2017
Convoy International Property Sells Small British Flats Priced at HKD$500000
Developer Provides Guaranteed Rental Return of 8% (Chinese Version Only)
01 Feb 2017
Trump's inauguration benefits global stock market and brings MPF a smooth outset in 2017
Convoy MPF Index and all the Funds up in January
31 Jan 2017
Convoy Social Fund fully supports Stone Tsang on the Four Trails Ultra Challenge
Raising fund for 200 youngsters from low-income family to experience the fun of sports (Chinese version only)
22 Jan 2017
Convoy Life Investment Centre Brings Warmth to Grassroots before Lunar New Year (Chinese version only)
30 Dec 2016
Black Swan Triggers Stock and Bond Adjustments
MPF Performance Fluctuates in 2016
Convoy MPF Index Decline Stop Up 0.05% for Entire Year
Historical Worst Increase Each Employee Earns HK$136 Only
30 Nov 2016
Strong US Dollar Burdens Asian Stock and Bond Markets
Capital Expected to Flow to US Stocks
Convoy MPF Index Down 1.04% Month-on-Month to 194.32 in November
29 Nov 2016
Convoy International Property Granted Exclusive Marketing Rights by Japanese Developer
Selling 30 Flats of Bangkok Apartment “168 Sukhumvit36” (Chinese Version Only)
24 Nov 2016
HKU Survey: Nearly 80% of Hong Kong Respondents Seriously Underestimate Post-retirement Expenses
Young Generation Dream of Early Retirement but Nearly 60% of Respondents Have Not Yet Started Planning
Convoy: Advises Early Planning for a Self-developed Pension to Leverage the Compounding Effect
09 Nov 2016
Convoy’s Response to the Result of US Election (Chinese Version Only)
25 Oct 2016
Global Assets Give Back Earlier Gains and RMB Depreciation Continues
Uncertainties Loom and Nearly All Funds Record Negative Returns
Convoy MPF Index Down 1.48% Month-on-Month to 196.35 in October
20 Oct 2016
Convoy Named “Company for Financial Planning Excellence of the Year” 10 Years in a Row Wins all independent financial advisory sector awards
Tops the industry chart
17 Oct 2016
Convoy Global Chairman Quincy Wong Publishes his Second Cook Book
Introducing “Two-Way Dishes” and New Ideas on Vegetarian Dining
Expresses Concern over Global Warming
Advocating the Less-Meat-More-Veggie Diet
14 Oct 2016
Convoy International Property Publishes Guide to Canada Property Investment
Providing Tips for International Property Investors
12 Oct 2016
Convoy and Fubon Life sign strategic partnership agreement
Jointly announce new saving insurance plans
10 Oct 2016
3rd “Convoy Totem Run” Attracts Nature Lovers to Totem Party
To run over MacLehose Trail and raise money for Sports Legacy and Youth‧ROC
03 Oct 2016
Significant Rebound in Global Markets Enables Equity Funds to Recover Lost Ground
Convoy MPF Index Up 1.53% Month-on-Month to 199.3 in September
13 Sep 2016
Convoy Volunteer Team Surges to Celebrate Mid-Autumn with Elderly
First to Visit all Elderly of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories on Same Day
Promoting “One Person One Volunteer” by Bringing Families, Friends & Clients Along
(Chinese Version Only)
31 Aug 2016
Improved Market Sentiment Boosts China Funds’ Performance Convoy MPF Index Up 1.75% Month-on-Month to 196.29 in August
15 Aug 2016
Convoy Holds its First "Bring Your Kids to Work Day"
Letting Staff Bring Kids to Work
Giving them a Taste of Work Experience
02 Aug 2016
The Markets Expect Central Banks of All Countries to Maintain Aggressive Quantitative Easing
MPF Performance in July Rebounds
Convoy MPF Index Rises by 5.92% Month-on-month
01 Aug 2016
Convoy Financial appoints Mr. Daniel Chong as Group CEO
To Strengthen Management Team and Take the Group to Achieve New Heights
25 Jul 2016
"Convoy Life Investment Centre" Holds First Financial Management Fun Day
Educating through Playing as the Mode of Learning
to Teach Children Financial Management Concepts
Starting with Sham Shui Po and Aspiring to Expand
to all Districts in Hong Kong
Robynn & Kendy mix freely with the students through interactive learning
04 Jul 2016
Returns on MPF drop by 4.24% in the first half of the year
and record $9,380 per capita loss
Positive about China’s economic performance and expects breakeven or growth in annual MPF returns
24 Jun 2016
Convoy’s Response to Brexit
(Chinese Version Only)
19 Jun 2016
"Convoy Social Fund" was set up
To Support Holistic Community Service of "Convoy Life Investment Centre" in Sham Shui Po
(Chinese Version Only)
12 Jun 2016
Convoy Title Sponsors Lowell Lo Concert
Inviting Over 100 People to Pre-Show Cocktail
Upholding the Importance of Talents, Recruitment Under Dim Market Prospects
Vice-Chairman Rosetta Fong Encourages Young Working Class to Seize Opportunities to Develop Potential
01 Jun 2016
HKU Survey: 60% of Respondents Tends to Avoid Risks through Savings
Convoy: Outdated Wealth Management Attitude of Hong Kong People
Makes Them Vulnerable to Future Economic Changes
Locals Need New Wealth Management Approach
Presenting the Shrewd “Saving 2.0” Strategy
31 May 2016
MPF Performance in May Falls while Convoy Index Drops by 1.55%
Major Events in June to Affect Market Trends
Caution for MPF Scheme Members
22 May 2016
Convoy Securities Limited Announces Change of Company Name to "CSL Securities Limited"
New Name Helps the Market to Differentiate Member Companies of Convoy (1019) and Avoids Market Confusion
20 May 2016
Convoy Responds to iBond 6:
Slow Pace of Federal Reserve Interest Rate Hike, Poor Performance of HK Stocks
Popularity of iBond Remains
Other Low-Risk Investment Products Recommended
(Chinese Version Only)
12 May 2016
Convoy International Property Granted Exclusive Marketing Rights by Canadian Developer Tridel
Selling 30 Flats of Toronto Argento, Alto at Atria and Trio at Atria
Donating Part of the Income to Canadian Red Cross
Helping with the Rescue Work of Alberta Fires
(Chinese Version Only)
09 May 2016
Convoy Organizes Annual Career Planning Seminar
Attracting Over 400 Participants
The Two Bears Meet – Business Administration Talents Quincy Wong and Daniel Chong Share Career Advice
(Chinese Version Only)
28 Apr 2016
Continuous Rally of Global Stock Market Supports MPF Performance
Convoy MPF Index up 2.72% Month-on-Month to 187.89
25 Apr 2016
Convoy Sponsors Fearless Dragon Run for the 3rd Consecutive Year
Experiencing Running in the Dark
Promoting the Inclusion of Disabled in the Community
(Chinese Version Only)
21 Apr 2016
Media Statement
20 Apr 2016
Convoy Supports "Born in the Dark, Running for a Bright Life" Programme, Fulfilling the Dream of Visually Impaired Staff
Hong Kong's First Fully Visually Impaired Female Runner Completes Boston Marathon
(Chinese Version Only)
31 Mar 2016
Monetary Easing of Major Global Central Banks Supports MPF Performance
Convoy MPF Index up 4.13% Month-on-Month, Employees Earn HK$7,443 on Average in March
16 Mar 2016
Convoy International Property Granted Exclusive Marketing Rights by Japanese Developer L’Attrait
Selling 60 Flats of Tokyo “Villdemere Asakusabashi”
Expected to Attract Investors Seeking Stable Return
(Chinese Version Only)
07 Mar 2016
Group Chairman Quincy Wong Publishes his First Book on Running
Targets to Finish Marathons of 7 Continents
Shares his Running Experience under Extreme Weather
(Chinese Version Only)
06 Mar 2016
Convoy Fully Supports Rotary Ultramathon 2016
Over 80 Convoyees Participate in the 50km Race
Raising Funds for Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
(Chinese Version Only)
02 Mar 2016
Convoy MPF Composite Index Stabilizes and Records Slight Month-on-month Increase of 0.73% Following Three-month Decline
Investors Remain Conservative while Bond Funds are Expected to Become Popular Hedging Tools
24 Feb 2016
Convoy’s Response to 2016-17 Budget (Chinese Version Only)
17 Feb 2016
Convoy International Property Granted Exclusive Marketing Rights by Canadian Developer Minto Group
Having Positive Feedback during Trade Show Exhibiting Developer Further Sells 20 Units
(Chinese Version Only)
02 Feb 2016
Convoy Volunteer Team Participated the Early CNY Elderly Home Visit in Kwun Tong
Spreading Warmth to the Elderly in the Freezing Weather
02 Feb 2016
Convoy is Crowned Champion on Two Occasions at the
23rd Green Power Hike Hong Kong Federation of Insurers Cup
01 Feb 2016
Convoy MPF Composite Index recorded a decrease by 8.18%
month-on-month, the largest single-month decrease in the past 4 years
Employees MPF accounts lose HK$16,697 in January and
record a loss for three consecutive months
27 Jan 2016
03 Jan 2016
Volatile MPF Performance in 2015
Convoy MPF Index Records Less than 1% Fluctuation during the Year and declines by 1.08% Month-on-month
Asian Equity Funds Perform the Best over the last 15 Years
22 Dec 2015
Convoy Runner strides beyond Hong Kong as all members successfully finish the Taipei Marathon
Promotes Convoy’s “love running” spirit through running competition
10 Dec 2015
HKU Survey Finds: MPF Reserves Can Only Support For 6.8 Years
40% of Hong Kong People Have No Other Investment Plans For Retirement Planning, and Will Run Out of Money by Age 67
03 Dec 2015
Group Chairman Quincy Wong Garners Esquire MAN AT HIS BEST Awards 2015
Interpretation of “A Fruitful Life”
Expresses Hope in Bringing Positive Impacts on Others
(Chinese Version Only)
01 Dec 2015
MPF Funds in Mixed Performances during November amidst Volatile Global Economy
Convoy MPF Index drops 1.36% month-on-month and each employee loses HK$2,000 on average
29 Nov 2015
Over 100 Convoyees Participate in Po Leung Kuk Charity Run 2015
Transform Running into Charitable Force and Raise Proceeds for Special Children Development Fund
27 Nov 2015
Official Opening of Convoy Capital Hong Kong and Convoy Securities
In Central Business District
To Expand High-end Customer Market
And Build All-rounded Financial Services Platform
22 Nov 2015
Convoy Shows Collaborative Support to Oxfam Trailwalker 2015
Nearly 50 Staff Challenge the 100km MacLehose Trail
to Raise Funds for Poverty Alleviation and Disaster Relief Projects
01 Nov 2015
Improved Stock Market Sentiment Leads to Rebound of MPF Performance
Convoy MPF Index Rises by 6.54% Month-on-Month
Ending Four Consecutive Months of Decline
19 Oct 2015
Convoy Garners “Company For Financial Planning Excellence of the Year” for Nine Consecutive Years
Winning “Outstanding Company of the Year 2015 (Excellence in Performance)” for the First Time
New advertisement (理財の精英) at outdoor signboards at East Habour Tunnel
18 Oct 2015
Convoy Totem Run 2015 Successfully Concluded
More than 1,800 Wild Runners Raise Funds for Hong Kong Unison and Youth.ROC
11 Oct 2015
Over 100 Convoy Volunteers Support Totem Run
Plans To Cheer for Wild Runners at Lead Mine Pass
To Set up Supporting Booths along the Racing Trail
01 Oct 2015
Potential Interest Rate Hike Dampens Investment Sentiment
Convoy MPF Index Drops in Q3 to 4-Year Low at 11.49%
29 Sep 2015
“Convoy Securities Limited” Now Offers Services
as a Wholly-owned Subsidiary under Convoy
21 Sep 2015
Convoy Volunteer Team Pays Early Mid-Autumn Visit to Elderly in Southern Kowloon District
Invites Families and Friends to Join
Spreading the Spirit of "Everyone can volunteer"
17 Sep 2015
Convoy Runner Forms Teams with Hong Kong Unison to join Convoy Totem Run
Revives the "Love Running" Spirit and Social Inclusion Concept
02 Sep 2015
Convoy MPF Index Recorded Four Consecutive Months of Decrease to 185.68
Each MPF employee holder loses HK$14,998 on average in August
04 Aug 2015
Convoy MPF Index Drops by 3.26% to 199.99 in July
China and Hong Kong Stock Markets Are Volatile US Interest Hike Plan Adds Uncertainties
22 Jul 2015
HKU Survey Finds: “Buying Property” Continues as Top Life Goal,
Hong Kong People Mismatch Risks in Financial Management and
Tend to Speculate in the Stock Market
Majority Willing to Suffer a Loss Exceeding 4-Months’ Wages
50% of Respondents Unwilling to Sell Stocks to Stop Loss
15 Jul 2015
"The Chairman Cooks" – the New Cook Book of Quincy, Chairman of Convoy
06 Jul 2015
Convoy MPF Index Decreases by 3.47% Month-on-Month:
Largest Drop within a Single Month since June 2013
MPF Rises by 8.21% in First Half Year with Average Employee Earning HK$6,949
01 Jun 2015
Convoy MPF Index Surges to New Historical Highs for Two Consecutive Months, Reaching 214.16 in May Integration of China and
Hong Kong Financial Markets Creates a Positive Outlook for Equity Funds Performance
03 May 2015
Convoy MPF Index Surges to New Historical Highs for Two Consecutive Months, Reaching 214.16 in May Integration of China and
Hong Kong Financial Markets Creates a Positive Outlook for Equity Funds Performance
08 Apr 2015
Convoy Financial and Nippon Wealth Limited Announce Strategic Partnership
01 Apr 2015
Convoy MPF Index rises by 3.65% in the first quarter
Average employee earnings HK$7,236
Forecasts capital inflow to Asia and healthcare funds
30 Mar 2015
Convoy Supports Worldwide Lights-off Event – "Earth Hour"
40 Staff Participate in "Run for Change" Race to Promote Environmental Protection
Netted the Second-runner Up Award in the Corporate Group Category
02 Mar 2015
Investor Confidence Strengthens
Convoy MPF Index Up 2.35% M-o-M to a New High
Positive Outlook on Japan, US and Healthcare Stock Funds
25 Feb 2015
Convoy's Views on the 2015-16 Budget (Chinese Version Only)
03 Feb 2015
Convoy rewards outstanding staff with an Overseas Convention in Paris
Participants enjoy a rewarding shopping experience
02 Feb 2015
Convoy MPF Index reaches record high climbing 1.84% month-on-month as liquidity in global market increases
Outlook good for Asia Pacific and Greater China Equity Funds amidst economic recovery
26 Jan 2015
Convoy Title Sponsors the Musical "Hello Dolly"
Specially Arranged an Exclusive Performance Inviting over 1,500 Convoy's Customers
19 Jan 2015
More than 10 Convoy's Keen Runners Take up Further Challenge in
Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail Race after Oxfam Trailwalker
The Group's Vice Chairman Rosetta Fong Finishes Her First Solo
Ultra Marathon in 24 hours
18 Jan 2015
"Convoy x Zheng Sheng" Finishes Antarctic 100km race
Quincy Wong is the first Hong Kong participant in history to cross the finish line
He has finished as 2nd runner up in just over 16 hours
Zheng Sheng Student Chris Tang finishes in 22 hours
Steve Lo is the first-ever Hong Konger to complete Marathon Grand Slam
13 Jan 2015
HKU Survey Shows Working Population Not Satisfied with MPF Returns with a Grading of 4.6
Hong Kong peoples' ideal reserve for retirement is HK$16.04 million
With MPF and other investment tools they may have to save 43 years to reach the goal
08 Jan 2015
"Convoy x Zheng Sheng" team departs to Antarctica this Sunday to meet the Antarctic 100K race challenge
Establishes "Cloudonate" online donation platform and "1 Like.$5" campaign to raise donations for urgent improvement works to the campus environment and long-term development of Zheng Sheng College
05 Jan 2015
MPF climbs just 1.78% in 2014, its lowest rise since 2011
Average employee earning just HK$3,564
Market volatility expected to continue this year
Long-term investment strategy could focus on US, Asian and Greater China equity funds
27 Mar 2013
Quincy Wong the Chairman of Convoy Leads a Team to Challenge the North Pole Marathon
Learning the Experience from Dr. Rebecca Lee the Polar Explorer
14 Mar 2013
Convoy Financial Services Holdings Limited Announces Appointing Mr. Bill Yang as the Chief Economist of Convoy China
07 Mar 2013
New Recruits of the "Convoy Spokesperson Programme"
Ten Convoy Spokespersons Continue the Mission
Advocate Proper Wealth Management Concept
05 Mar 2013
Convoy MPF Index records 178.54 in February
27 Feb 2013
Press Release: Convoy's Views on the 2013-14 Budget (Chinese Version Only)
26 Feb 2013
Convoy Sponsored "Fly For Love"
Creates Fruitful Lives by Realizing the Flying Dreams of Disabled Children
26 Feb 2013
More Than 60 Convoy Elite Participated in the Hong Kong Marathon
Altogether Raised Fund for Hong Kong Disabled Athletes
Supported Green Monday and Green Diet
25 Feb 2013
Convoy As The First Hong Kong Enterprise
Attained National Insurance Agent Licence in Mainland
Out to Expand the business in Mainland Insurance and Fund Sales
06 Feb 2013
Convoy Shares the Fruitful Results with Staff at its 20th Anniversary
4% Salary Increase and Bonus of 1.2 Months on Average for Back Office Staff
Rising Commission Sharing of Front-line Consultants to Attract Talents
04 Feb 2013
All Four Teams of Elite from Convoy Won in the Green Power Hike
Defended the Second and Third Position of the HKFI Cup
04 Feb 2013
Convoy MPF Index increased for 8 months in-a-row and nearly reached record high in 2007
21 Jan 2013
Convoy Volunteer Team Visited the Elderly before Chinese New Year
Giving Warm Blessings with Lucky-dip Bags
17 Jan 2013
Convoy Formed the First Cycling Team
Participating in "HSBC Pok Oi Cycle For Millions 2013"
Accomplished the "Corporate Team Challenge" with Satisfactory Results
16 Jan 2013
Press Release: Convoy's Views on Policy Address 2013 (Chinese version only)
16 Jan 2013
Press Release: Convoy's Views on Policy Address 2013 - Welcome the Potential Enhancement of The Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) Scheme (Chinese version only)
14 Jan 2013
Convoy Supports Green Monday and Held a "Meatless Monday" Lunch
Promoting Green Diet and Encouraging Green Life among its Staff
03 Jan 2013
Convoy MPF Index records a 13.38% yearly increase that hits new high since 2010
17 Dec 2012
Convoy Headquarter relocates to @Convoy
Launch Green Move Campaign to promote econ-friendly
06 Dec 2012
Convoy MPF Index recorded 1.36% MoM, supported by China's growth
05 Dec 2012
Convoy Financial Sets Up Office in Guangzhou
20 Nov 2012
45 Convoyees participated in Oxfam Trailwalker 2012
Convoy Cosmoboys Team III won the champion of Mixed Group
09 Nov 2012
Convoy Purchased a Whole Floor of Rykadan Capital Tower in Kowloon East
for a Consideration of Approximately HK$86.95 Million for Internal Use after Moving in
07 Nov 2012
Convoy MPF Index recorded 1.42% MoM due to the QE3 Effect
Enquiry on switching funds increased double after the implementation of ECA
28 Oct 2012
Convoy the First Stands Up and be Pink for Pink Revolution, Supporting Women with Breast Cancer
24 Oct 2012
Convoy Launches The First MPF Performance Index Covering at Least 80% of Total Assets of The Entire MPF Market Expands Its Business in The MPF Market as An Intermediary Expects An Exponential Growth in Revenue Contribution
11 Oct 2012
Convoy Awarded the Company for Financial Planning Excellence (IFA) of the Year for Six Consecutive Years 36 Elite-Finalists with Most Number of Award Winners in the Industry
03 Oct 2012
Convoy Volunteer Team Visited the Elderly at Mid-Autumn Festival
Spreading their Blessings and Care to the Community
12 Sep 2012
Convoy's Survey on Financial Management Attitudes of Singles Most Hong Kong People Take Property Ownership as Life Goal Takes 5 Years to Achieve Goal Due to High Property Price Single Females Take Property Ownership as First Priority Worries About Insufficient Fund for First Installment
06 Jul 2012
Convoy Endeavors to Promote Corporate Social Responsibility Debut of "Social Enterprises with Love" on ATV Last Sunday
04 Jul 2012
Convoy Launches New Online Insurance Products Platform with the Most Choices in Hong Kong Offering Customers a Convenient Platform to Purchase Various General Insurance Products
21 Jun 2012
Convoy welcomes passage of bill on the regulation of MPF intermediaries
21 Jun 2012
Convoy Volunteer Team Visited the Elderly at Dragon Boat Festival Spreading their Care in the Celebration
20 May 2012
Convoy Cocktail Party 2012
03 May 2012
Convoy Awarded the "Caring Company" Logo for 10 Consecutive Years Volunteers United to Spread Love and Supporting Corporate Social Responsibility
02 May 2012
Convoy held the Annual Party 2011
29 Apr 2012
Convoy Volunteer Team Contributes to Environmental Protection Supporting the International Tree Planting Day for Two Consecutive Years
26 Apr 2012
Convoy Elites Won Gold and Silver Awards in Benchmark Advisor of the Year Awards 2012 at Their Initial Attempt
20 Mar 2012
Convoy won the championship and first-runner up of HKACE "Strike Out Cancer" Charity Bowling Competition 2012
27 Feb 2012
Convoy Spokespersons Programme 2012
21 Feb 2012
Overseas Convention in Singapore
20 Feb 2012
Convoy Supports The 5th Hong Kong Mobile Film Festival
14 Feb 2012
Convoy Strengthens Insurance Business to Enhance Competitive Advantage
Providing 24-Hour Online Insurance Service to Clients
13 Feb 2012
Convoy's Spring Dinner Celebration
08 Feb 2012
Convoy Financial Group Statement Regarding a Fraudulent Website
01 Feb 2012
Convoy Volunteer Team celebrated Lunar New Year with the elderly
01 Feb 2012
Convoy's views on the 2012-13 Budget (Chinese version only)
26 Jan 2012
Blessing of Chinese Dragon New Year from Convoy
16 Jan 2012
Convoy took part in the Green Power Hike 2012
15 Dec 2011
Press Release: Convoy Financial Group Statement Regarding a Fraudulent Website
14 Dec 2011
Convoy's Survey Finding Public's Growing Concern about MPF Scheme
Over 80% of Respondents Agree MPF Will Not Provide a Satisfactory Retired Life
08 Nov 2011
Press Release: Convoy Receives First "Family-Friendly Employer Award"
13 Oct 2011
Press Release: Awarded the Best Company for Financial Planning Excellence (IFA) for FIVE consecutive years, Convoy continue to outperform
12 Oct 2011
Press Release: Convoy's Views on Policy Address 2011-2012
12 Oct 2011
Press Release: Convoy's Views on Policy Address 2011-2012 - Welcome the Potential Enhancement of The Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) Scheme
12 Sep 2011
Convoy volunteer team brought Mid Autumn festive joy to elderly
01 Sep 2011
Press Release on the Opening of the First Convoy Beijing Wealth Centre
01 Aug 2011
Press release on the launch of Convoy's new website
14 Jul 2011
Convoy celebrates the first anniversary of listing
Adopts share award scheme to share fruit of success with staffs
26 Apr 2011
Convoy's chairman Quincy Wong completed seven-day Marathon des Sables
20 Apr 2011
Convoy was accredited "Caring Company" logo for 9 consecutive years
18 Apr 2011
Convoy donated 100 doses of vaccine in support with the Vaccine Donation Programme
04 Apr 2011
Convoy volunteer team jointly organized a talk with Will in Action
22 Mar 2011
Graduate's career seminar was held to recruit Mainland talents in Hong Kong
07 Mar 2011
Convoy Investment Services supports HKEx's extension of trading hours
21 Feb 2011
Convoy's chairman Quincy Wong participated in Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon for the 4th consecutive year
14 Feb 2011
Convoy took part in various marathon campaigns